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Ahmed El Feqy

CEO, Spiritual Teacher, Ascension Guide & Interdimensional Healer

Founder of Stargate Tours, Sungate Mystey School & Skywalker Healings. 

Egyptian born alchemist, mystic, teacher, ascension guide and interdimensional healer. For over 15 years facilitating, organizing and leading sacred journeys, spiritual retreats and mystical pilgrimages to ancient temples and sacred sites around the planet to connect people with the sacred through direct mystical experience of Source and Initiations into Divinity.

My work is for all paths connecting people from all over the world to Divinity and Oneness through Heart Unity Consciousness. I created Stargate Tours, the Sungate Mystery School & Skywalker Healings to share my love, passion, service, direct Source connection & healing practice with the world. I'm a global citizen with residence in Egypt, Germany, Peru, USA & Iceland. I live in full devotion to Spirit, a life of service to the greater good of creation and humanity. My prime interest is embodying Source and being a pure open clear vessel of Divinity in service to life. I work with pure Source frequencies, Christ Consciousness, Plasma Light, the Divine Flames, Celestial energies, Divine Architecture, DNA, Krystic Science, Merkabas & the Kundalini Primal Life Force of creation on personal, universal and planetary levels for the benefit of all. I am a Sun Priest Adept of the Timeless Wisdom Traditions. My work is igniting the Eternal Flame of Creation within the New Earth Temples and the heart of  humanity. I'm also a family man with a five years old beautiful son angel who will carry forward my work. He's also a glorious Skywalker Sun Child of the Most High. 

I organize, guide & facilitate the spiritual pilgrimages myself to share the direct connection with Spirit & the higher realms I've cultivated over the years at these sacred sites, mountains, temples, Guardians, Holly lands, Elders, indigenous cultures & timeless wisdom traditions. As a Guardian Gatekeeper, I've been blessed & honored with such connections that facilitate graceful flow & magic to happen bridging the spiritual world & metaphycial reality into the physical embodiment to directly experience Source & the Divine. During our journeys we share profound life changing transformation & Soul experience that will assist everyone to step into Unity Consciousness & directly know their Divinity. To know yourself fully and experience the magic, love, truth & beauty of Source & Creation.

These are life changing experience that put you directly in touch with your Soul, Higher Self & Divinity. Accessing Christ Consciousness, Source, the higher realms, White Lodge &  Benevolent Ascended Masters in service to Life.

Please feel free to reach out at any time with your inquiries & I will do my best to support. Whether its a sacred journey that calls you to holy lands or direct healing session we can do from anywhere to assit you further in embodying your Divinity.

I facilitate Ascension Technology & Ascended Mastery Training Courses that are celestial based infused with higher dimensional frequencies that are months long with daily practices that will interface you closer with your Divinity to lead a responsible & conscious life with Authenticity & Self Mastery. I offer some of these services on other platforms so you can inquire directly with me & I will guide you.

Thank you.

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Skywalker Healings & Divinity Activations

The process I work with for healing is quite simple and graceful using pure Source divine energy, the Divine Flames & plasma light, celestial currents, advanced DNA & kundalini life force in an inner alchemy of primal sound, light & living geometry. Sharing the energy of bliss and ecstatic union with Divinity. The self regenerative life force of our primal essence. I open a pure channel of Spirit Source energy and ignite the primal creation fire of the solar force of consciousness to activate a regenerative field of bio-genesis that creates healing, rejuvenation and balance. This can awaken Consciousness, activate the Krystalline DNA, Diamond Light Body, Celestial Self and ignite the Kundalini life force energy, opening a bridge to Heaven on Earth anchoring Spiritual forces from the higher dimensions of Divinity within the physical form. I do this through opening a direct pure channel to Source and bringing this energy into our physical bodies to experience illumination like the Sun fire of Creation igniting and shinning from within with the pure radiance of our Divinity. This is the gift and art I embody. Ecstatic Union with Divinity.

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