The Stairway to Heaven

Stargate Tours Sacred Sites Destinations & Planetary Stargates

Receive direct Source Transmissions, Krystic Initations and Divinity Activations at the Sacred Sites with spiritual guidance from the authentic Guardians, Adepts & Gatekeepers of the land, Gnostic Mystery Schools & Timeless Wisdom Traditions. 


Walk though these mystical lands & magical timelines to remember who you truly are. Accessing deeper levels of Self & Divinity at the Celestial Egyptian Temples with Timeless Wisdom Transmissions, Divine Mother Mysteries & Sacred Fire Solar Christ Initiations.

Visiting the Giza Pyramids & Sphinx with special healing activation inside the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, The healing temple of sound & light at Sakkara & interdimensional teleportation station, The Osirion Initiation Temple in Abydos, Hathor Temple in Dendarah, Corontation Temple of Luxor, Karnak Mystery School, Edfu Temple of Horus, Komombo Sobek Temple, Auset Divine Mother Temple, Hatshepsut Kryst Matriarch & Grail Queen Temple & Akhenaten's initiation Temple of Aten.

Journey includes high level spiritual transmissions, alchemical teachings & interdimensional energy healing work to step deeper into Christ Consciousness & Divine Presence.


Pyrenees, Occitaine, Southern France

Grail Mysteries of the Christ Lineage in Montsegur.

Experiencing the Presence of Jesheua & Mary Magdalane & the Kathars on this Mystery Mountain where they once lived. Which also happens to be Stargate 12 on the planet, corresponding to the Crown Chakra activation & Christed Heart Grail Mysteries. Receive direct Initiations from the Divine Mother, transmissions of the Holy Grail & Supernatural Mysteries from beyond this world into your physical body. An experience once lived will change your life forever & set you on the path of purity with devotion to the One Within the All.

This journey is for those who are ready & willing to give it all to God/dess, Source & embrace their Divinity beyond the ego & programming into the Solar Mysteries of Great Spirit & the Soul. 

We will stay in a mountain retreat space with the Chapel & holy fountain of the Divine Mother Kryst Sophia from which pilgrims drank & baptized, purified & resurrected with the Holy Water of the Divine Mother... to then walk the path of purity with sincere attention, presence & devotion to the Most High. To the love of life, pure Spirit & Divinity. At the entrance to the Chateau of Monstegur. 

There will be a process of purification, Initiation & Alchemy to access a level of embodiment you've never felt before. This will change everything. We will visit the Kathars Stonghold & Stargate 12 at Chateau de Montsegur, Mary Magdalene Church at Rennes Le Chateau, Goddess Cave & Chapel in Gorges de Galamus, Puivert Cathars Castle  of the Toubadors, Nebias Green Labyrinth & Druid path, the Lover's Fountain Mary Magdalene Sacred Baptismal Site, Alet les Bains Medieval town with 10th century Abbey & the House of Nostradamus and the Prehistoric Druid Star Temple of the Faye.

Receiving direct Initiations from the Divine Mother Holy Father & Holy Grail Kryst Sophia Union.

Entering the Temple Not Built With Hands.


Enchanted Elvin Realms & Interstellar Gateways

A mystical immersion into the enchanted realms, hidden folk, holy mountains, leylines & sacred sites of Iceland. Tapping into the majestic power of nature, Spirit, mythology, inner Silence & the God Realms.

Immerse yourself in the pristine primal healing life force currents of Nature with the purest water & air on the planet. Visit the Planetary Pineal chakra & experience the mythological sacred sites & holy mountains across the island. From glacial volcanoes, hot springs, sacred valleys, enchanted realms & waterfalls, to basalt caves, black sand beaches, mystical highlands & glacier lagoon.

Experience the Nordic Mythology from its birthplace & enter the mystical realms of the hidden folk.

Journey starts in Reykjavik & goes around the whole island ring road like a medicine wheel visiting Thingvellir & Golden Circle, Southern Glaciers & Waterfalls, Hotsprings, Glacier Lagoon & Black Sand Beach, Viking Village, Arctic Henge Neo-Pagan Temple, Diamond Circle, Asbyrgi, Myvatn, Akureyri, the Highlands mystical mountains, Snaefelsjokull peninsula & finishes in downtown Reykjavik with an authentic cultural experience.

Riding the Dragon all the Way to Source. 


A mystical pilgrimage through the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca to experience these profound Mystery School Initiation Temples, Planetary Stargates & Inner Earth Cathederal Network. Working directly with the Sacred Guardians & Spirit of the Land.

Ascension, Planetary Stargates & 12 Tribes 

Humanity's Ascension is directly connected to the Maji Grail Lineages & the Kryst Mission of Unity Consciousness, accessing the Earth Cathederal network, Inner Core Suns, Deity Planes, Planetry Stargates, Earth Templar, Merkabas, Morphogenetic Fields, Plasma bodies and our 12+ strand Angelic Human DNA, which hold the original divine blueprint of Source coding. Through accreting higher frequency bands from direct mystical experiences at sacred sites, working with the Guardians and accessing the higher dimensional realities of internal core creation that upgrades our DNA & the morphogenetic field, we access Source directly & stream the core plasmas from inner creation / inner Suns & the deity planes, accessing higher density Harmonic Universes & Time Cycles that are beyond the 3D, to embody our Soul, Oversoul, Kryst Avatar, Rishi, Adashi Ascended Master & Krystar Awakening of the Eternal Self.

This is where our service comes in. We link spirituality, metaphysics & creation physics with quantum physics, psychology & Krystic Sacred Science in a direct experiential way that will permanently upgrade & transform your life & impact the collective morphogenetic field of Humanity & beyond. Angelic Humans were created as the Guardians of Earth to assist in the Ascension to Source & the higher dimensional realities of Tara, Gaia, Aramatena & beyond to Core Source Creation & the Deity Planes.. These are higher density levels of Earth that already exist on the higher dimensions & through upgrading our DNA (Bio-Regenesis) we are able to access & experiencing them. The DNA carries the encryption code that allows accessing the higher dimensional realities through the planetary Stargates, Arc of the Covenant, passing through the Sphere of Amenti & Templar Cathederal network of inner plasma suns & core Source Creation.

The Sacred Sites are the portals to these higher realities encoded with the Divine Architecture & original sacred geometric krystic patterning of Eternal Source Creation. Through the Alchemy of our work we are able to directly experience these realities, upgrade our DNA, raise our frequencies, awaken our Highest Selves & intimately know SOURCE, the Eternal Fountain of Living Light. This is our REGENESIS.

Here's an explanation of the 12 Planetary Stargate System & its relation to the original 12 Tribes Angelic Humans:

"This system is an on planet system of portals that connect us to the universal and galactic stargates.This is also referred to as the planetary chakra system. During this ascension time these once sealed gates are opening, however this system has been damaged from the service to self beings. A stargate pretty much is a gateway for energy to move to a different frequencies, either higher or lower dimensions. This energy moves in a spiral motion much like our chakras do. Side note each of our chakras is directly related to a dimension. The God Source energy can also come through these gates. Sending in codes and frequency to awaken codes with the beings upon the planet. Each of our chakras and 12 tree grid of the light body is linked to the stargates. These are just really big chakras for the planet. So there are blocks and veils in place that will be lifted. As this happens dimensions will blend. This causes more “supernatural” activities to happen. As the veils are lifted, we will be facing much healing dealing with the lower 3 chakras. Mainly survival, money, sexual, emotional, and ego. We as a whole will need to clear these outdated programs and find a more heart centered approach to life. This will not be fun much pain has occurred on this planet in these areas. My advice is to deal with the issues as they come up and be open to new ideas. Try to have your heart take the lead not the ego. There are 12 original tribes that make up the human gene pool. Each one of these tribes is coded genetically to a planetary gate system. These codes are within our DNA from birth. It is advised to meditate on and request the fire letters from each tribe that you need to activate for your mission." Reference: 

Stargate 1

Stargate 1- Tribe 1 Tone: Isutu-Esheau Pronunciation: IsU’ too E’ shoo Inner Gate of Cyprus (Stargate 1) and its linkup into Arizona, North of Sedona. Clearing: Evictions needed for Eye of Yahweh (all mind control programs), Repair Clock Shield Template, and Reclaim Parts and Collapse Timeline. 

Stargate 2

Stargate 2 – Tribe 2 Tone:Maahali-Bruea Pronunciation: Ma a ha’ LE – BrU’ A Inner Gate of Easter Island, Chile (Stargate 2) and its Four Faces of Man linkup into Jerusalem (Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount) and the Northeast Gulf Of Mexico (Biloxi, Mississippi to Mobile, Alabama to Fort Meyers, Florida). Clearing: Dimensional splitter of fetal cloned bodies, and repair genetic time codes. 

Stargate 3

Stargate 3 – Tribe 3 Tone: Amekasan-Etur Pronunciation: A ME’ ka sun e too’r Inner Gate of Johannesburg, South Africa linkup into Nepal and the Bermuda Triangle. Clearing: Reversal Merkaba, Alien Machinery, Gender Reversals, DNA mutations in the original human body blueprint, Death Seals, and global Mind Control. 

Stargate 4

Stargate 4 – Tribe 4 Tone: Nuagu Hali Pronunciation: Noo ah’ goo ha’ LE Inner Gate of Central Mexico (Jesus- Maria Municipality, Aquascalientes through Mexico City), linkup into Giza, Egypt. Clearing: implants in the 4th chakra, Sexual Misery, and Victim-Victimizer. 

Stargate 5

Stargate 5 – Tribe 5 Tone: Ionatu-Etillah Pronunciation: I O’Na too et il’ a Inner Gate of Vatican city, underground linkup into Macchu Picchu, and the Mother arc Gateway and field thread we created in Bali. Clearing: Blood Sacrifice, religious mind control, ritual abuse, distorted male energies, Catholic religious control mechanism, and blood sacrifice. 

Stargate 6

Stargate 6 – Tribe 6 Tone: Ramyana-Shridveta Pronunciation: rah ma yah na shrid vE’Da Inner Gate of Thar Desert at the India and Pakistani Border (About 366 miles from New Delhi), and its underground linkup into the Caucasus Mountains at the Russia and Georgia border (between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea). Clearing: 666 Seal, Soul Twin Flame Merge, building wings, sexual misery, consciousness enslavement, and False Parent Victimizer Archetypes. 

Stargate 7

Stargate 7 – Tribe 7 Tone: Mahata-Agrah Pronunciation: ME hah’ta a’g-ra Inner Gate of Ionian Islands (Albanian and Greek Coastline of Ionian Sea), and its underground linkup into the Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. Clearing: 666 Seal, Soul Twin Flame Merge, building wings, Crucified Female Principle of the Christos-Sophia, sexual misery, consciousness enslavement, Crucifixion Implants, and Michael-Mary Reversal. 

Stargate 8

Stargate 8 – Tribe 8 Tone: Chia Zhun Zan La-Yung Pronunciation: ChE’ ah-Zoon Yan LA-Yoong’ Inner Gate of Lop Nur, Border of Tibet and China, and its underground linkup into the Xian, China. Clearing: distorted male-female archetype, Orion Wars, Vesica Pisces harness, Twin Monad Splitting, and programmable reversal elementals. 

Stargate 9

Stargate 9 – Tribe 9 Tone: Yun Zu-Xen Pronunciation: Yu-Un Zoo-Zen Inner Gate of Westbury England in the Valley of the White Horse (South of Bath) and its underground linkup into the Tibet Autonomous Region, Bam Co Lake, (North of Lhasa and Bhutan). Clearing: Clearing False Dragon, Armageddon programs, and Lightbody repair. 

Stargate 10

Stargate 10 – Tribe 10 Tone: Ma’ah-hu-ta Pronunciation: Ma-a hoo ta Inner Gate of Basrah, Iraq and its underground linkup into the Abadan, Iran. Clearing: False Michael Matrix, Archontic Deception Behavior, Mind Control, False Father, female reversals (related to Tiamat), and sacred marriage healing. 

Stargate 11

Stargate 11 – Tribe 11 Tone: Zephar-Duun-Atur Pronunciation: Ze-far-Doon a-Tur Inner Gate and Island of Ireland’s Eye in the Irish Sea and its underground linkup into the binary structure of St. Ives Bay, Cornwall, UK and Amesbury, Wiltshire, UK (near Stonehenge). Upon looking around this stargate I found: red cube tech, bi veca energies through the sun, shadow elements, etheric weapons, false umbilicus energies, reptilian tail programs. There is a need to clear the albion body. Do a return to rightful owner command and focus on reconnection of the diamond sun DNA. Clearing: Reptilians are drawn to this stargate and a shift is happening here. Saxon Invasion, gender split, and Checkerboard Mutation.

Stargate 12

Stargate 12 – Tribe 12 Tone: A-reah-Azurta Pronunciation: a-RI-a-Zoor-ta Inner Gate and Island of Kauai, Hawaii and its underground linkup into the South of France, Montsegur Clearing: Cathars Massacre, Eieyani Massacre, Mother’s body healing, female body healing, Christ blueprints, Lemurian memories and timelines, and Lemurian Holocaust.