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Kryst Consciousness Regenesis Field

Divinity Activations

Divinity Activations and Healing Sessions work as direct energetic transmissions that will clear & align your field to your Highest Self, Kryst Consciousness & Divinity. It is a direct stream of higher dimensional energetics from Source that will restructure your field, energetic & physical bodies, inner & outer space to your Divinity, You simply relax and receive, allowing for the stream of Eternal Living Light of Source to flow through you and clear and energize every aspect of your beautiful Divine Self on all levels & dimensions. Whether online or in person you can choose to lay down or be sitting with closed eyes or open. As I open and activate the higher dimensional temple space this opens a field of Grace with direct connection to Source and Divinity and you begin to enter a deep meditative state and journey inwards within yourself connecting deeper to your divinity. The temple space is activated with a direct Source connection, sacred mantras and omniversal structures of living light and sound codes inviting in Divine blueprint from the living eternal sacred geometry of the higher dimensional planes. I activate the fire of creation and begin the cleansing process to open your heart, central axis and electromagnetic energy field to the higher radiance of Divinity and Pure Source Consciousness. We run these divine currents through your body and energetic system for the duration of the session, usually for 40mins then ground the activation with the sound keys and closing the temple space. I utilize my direct Source connection, Andromedan Temple Templates from the Starlight Temples and Inner Fire Alchemy as well as Gnosis to access directly the field of Divine Grace. 

HEALINGS SESSIONS with Andromedan Starlight Temples

We offer energy healing sessions (in person or online live) with the Sacred Geometry Andromedan Temple Templates brought from the Master Alchemists of Andromeda to connect people directly to their Divine Higher Self from the higher dimensional planes. These are sacred energy fields (Temple space) activated with sound keys from Elvin language (our mother tongue), used for healing, higher self connection, activating our Christ Consciousness DNA, harmonizing our electromagnetic energy fields, empowering the triple heart coding and our central axis energy centers. They are very deep & gentle yet powerful with immediate graceful shifts and upgrades igniting people’s creativity, higher self connection, divine inspiration & empowerment. Each template has a specific purpose such as activating your Original Source Rememberance, Light body (Merkaba), Divine Mind (Universal Intelligence), Divine Heart, Soul Blueprint, Archangelic Connection (Divine Intervention), Cellular Regeneration, Graceful Evolution, Homecoming (Body Grounding / Inner child healing), Multidimensional Self, Oneness, Self Mastery & overall SUPPORT. Also utilized to clear and transmute shadow strains such as fear, anxiety, pain, resistance, addiction, codependency & separation by realigning them and integrating back into one’s Divinity, bringing back their original gifts & Divine Blueprint. And for Earth healing, working with the Earth Mother, elementals & over-devas of the land, harmonic realms of nature, inner Earth council of elders & collective Elvin earth healers alliance to clear spaces including sacred sites, homes, businesses, community centers or office (from distance or on site). And finally they specifically activate your personal Earth, Starseed & Spiritual Family Knowledge Grids to bring back all the abilities and skills from past lives that you’ve mastered to support your current embodiment and soul purpose in alignment with Earth’s Divine Will. And as extra bonus they will activate your dormant Elvin DNA. The temple templates (sacred energy fields) have been received from the Andromedean Galaxy and given especially for this time of Ascension from the Master Alchemists of Andromeda to connect people to their Higher Selves. It is a unique hands on healing modality used to unlock your Christ Consciousness DNA, open your heart and rebirth the beauty and majesty of the Divine Within. We use these sacred geometric temple templates on our journeys to help you to establish a relationship with your higher self, activate your DNA and deepen your connection to Source. The work is done through your Higher Self using sacred geometry temple templates activated with sound keys in Elvin language to open high frequency energy fields that will connect you to your higher self and activate your Divinity. Transforming blockages, shadow strains and anything holding you back from embodying your full divine potential. This process works on your central axis, electromagnetic energy field, heart center and Christ Consciousness DNA. Opening to Universal Heart & Mind with the Master Alchemists of Andromeda. Activating you Earth Knowledge Grid, Star Seed and Spiritual Family Knowledge Grids to access all your gifts from past lives in harmony with Earth’s Divine plan.

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